Another year gone by and what have I done?  As far as accomplishments, I suppose I’m not too disappointed in myself.  I could have done a lot more, though; especially health wise.  As far as things that have happened to me, we’ll talk about that.  The year as a whole, not too shabby if I do say so myself.

2014 rundown:

January: I started the year out still pretty fresh from open heart surgery, but I was feeling pretty good by this point, if not just a bit weak and easily worn out.  I had to go in and renew my driver license and was required to take the written exam and eye exam.  I passed the written exam with no trouble, didn’t get 100% but didn’t fail. Went over to do the eye exam and they first had me read the chart with both eyes open.  No problem, this test is easy peasy…the letters on the chart are so damned big, who could fail?  Then with just my left eye open; again, no problem. Then with just my right eye open.  Um, I can’t make out any letters, they’re all blotchy and twisted and blurry.

Needless to say, they refused to renew my license until I had an eye exam and had the doctor fill out a special form stating I can see well enough to drive.  No problem, I’ll just go get that exam, get my right eye fixed up…probably just need a new prescription for my glasses.  Let’s just ignore the fact that I know exactly what is wrong and that I need surgery and may never get my license back again…

On January 8th, my good friends Kim and Jon had their second child, Dean.  It was a happy day.

January 16th, first day back to work after heart surgery

January 2014’s best quote – “Everybody has one thing they are really good at naturally; my talent is self destruction. I’m better at it than anyone I know.” – Me

February – On February 5th I saw an ophthalmologist.  My eyes were obviously in bad shape and I was asked to return the following week to see a retina specialist.I returned a week later and was given a very full and somewhat invasive exam on both eyes.  I met my retina specialist for the first time and immediately liked him and was very impressed by his knowledge, compassion, and gentle nature. I was told I needed surgery immediately on my right eye to reattach my retina and clean up the scar tissue and mess caused by years of diabetic retinopathy.  My left eye would need laser treatments. I had the first surgery on my right eye the following week. I had several eye and regular doctor appointments this month as with most months this year.

A few days after eye surgery

February 2014’s best quote –  Me- “What were you trying to type?”

  Lee- “I was trying to type “giggity” and my phone changed it to “Yoghurt”. So I was like, I’m done for the night…”

March –  March started out to be a fun month.  I was still under doctor’s orders to not look up.  My right eye was still healing from the surgery and I still had a gas bubble in it and had to keep my eyes to the ground at all times lest I damage my eye from pressure in the wrong spot.

On March 11th I had the second surgery on my right eye.  This time was to stop a hemorrhage that wouldn’t stop on its own.

We got a new puppy and I named her Agape (ah-gah-pay).

The weekend of the 29th we took a trip to Paso Robles to visit family. It was a nice relaxing but too short trip.

March 2014 best quote: Lee – “Do you still love your new puppy?”
Me: “Yes.”
Lee: “What did you and puppy do today?”
Me: “She kept chewing on things and I kept yelling at her.”

April –  April was a quiet month.  I worked. I had several doctor appointments but they were all routine. I had a few severely low blood sugar’s, and few highs, but tried hard to stay in line.

April 2014 best quote:  Me – “Samuel L. Jackson, The L stands for “Fuckin’. ”

May – May was a quiet month.  I did spend my husband’s birthday party sick in bed with food poisoning. Never did figure out what caused it.

May 2014 best quote:  Me – To Lee after he farted. “You’re a horrible human being.”
Lee – “I’m an even worse zebra.”

Me – “….”

June –  I spent a lot of time in June thinking about how I’ll probably not live to old age.  I was depressed this month, I think because of all the surgeries and healing time and the fact that I had such a hard time getting and keeping my blood sugars in the normal range.

On June 10th  I had my third eye surgery.  This one was to put on a scleral buckle and put in another gas bubble as well as to clean up a bit more inside my eye.  This surgery was very painful during and after.

Two days after third surgery

June best quote:
My phone needs to learn that I don’t need auto-correct…I just have a dirty mouth:
Me: Texting Lee – “Hippy needs to learn to stfu, she’s driving me insane.”
Lee- “When did we get Hippies?”
ME- “Guppy….how do u turn off this ducking autocorrect?”

Lee – “Hahaha.”

July –  July started out with a nice gathering of friends for Independence Day. And then several other days of hanging out with friends.

Then I got an infection on the back of my thigh.  I would end up dealing with this very bad staph infection for three months before it finally healed leaving a scar.

This month I finally went to the DMV to get an ID.  It took this long for me to admit I probably will never have a driver license again.

July 26th, eye still healing from surgery 3

July best quote –  *watching T.V.*
Lee- “Look there’s Sean Bean.”
Me: “Is it a new movie?”
Lee – “No, it’s a new T.V. show.”
Me: “Well that’s going to be a short-lived show.”

*Ba Dum, Tiss*

August –  On the 12th of August I had eye surgery number 4.  This time was to clean out the hyphema (collection of blood) at the front of my eye as well as to have an artificial lens put in.

At the end of the month I spent a few days with my mom and other family members.  Good times.

My cat comforting me the day after surgery.

August best quote -Me – “I’m gonna start working out again, you know, get that sexy body I never actually ever had but know it’s in there somewhere.”
Lee- “Just like there’s a skinny guy somewhere inside Lee?”
Me- “There’s no skinny guy inside you, you were born chubby, you’re meant to be chubby.”
Lee – “Thanks…”
Me- “You can lose weight, just don’t get skinny. Just like I can lose weight but not lose my curves.”
Lee- “If you lost your curves I’d divorce you.”
Me – “If you got skinny I’d divorce you.”
Lee- “agreed.”
Me – “Good, we’re on the same page.”

September –  September was a quiet month, not a whole lot happened that is worth talking about.  I spent a lot of time at doctor appointments and continuing to heal from eye surgery. I was officially diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy.

September 12th, eye still healing

September best quote: Me – “Lee, we’ve been married long enough, I think I know what your butt sounds like.”

October –  In October we went to the Fresno Fair.  It was a nice day with a lot of walking.  We spent little money and tired ourselves out going area to area and looking at the exhibits.  It is a tradition of ours to just go and wander the fair once every year.

Mid October I began reading and studying Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution.  I fond it extremely interesting, educational, and helpful. I began to implement his teachings into my lifestyle and have been growing more and more healthy as a result.

Toward the end of October we went to our friend’s annual Halloween party.  It was a lot of fun as it is every year.  Everyone who came in costume did a wonderful job showing their artistic side.


October best quote – Luke – “I sucked eight inch dick to pay for this game and the servers are down?!”

November – On November 15th we moved from Selma to Kingsburg.  We went from a room-mating situation to living just myself and my husband, and our cat.  We are renting a place with no yard and no pets (except our cat) allowed, so we had to find homes for our three dogs.  Although we were able to find very good homes for them, it was a heartbreaking thing to do.

This month I found out my retina specialist that has handled all my care and surgeries over the past months is no longer with the group I am a patient of.  I was worried at first because he is an absolutely brilliant doctor and now I  have no idea how well my ongoing care will be handled.  I am, so far, satisfied with my new specialist.  But no one can ever live up to the great Dr. Hunter.

Thanksgiving was a wonderful two days spent with family and eating way too much.

Thanksgiving day

November best quote –
Me: “Do you want to be that 100 year old couple holding hands walking down the street?”
Lee: “Yes, I want to live to see cyborgs.”

Me: “Oh, yeah, it has nothing to do with loving your wife…”

December –  December began with my friend, Kim’s, birthday party.  It was a fun evening full of friends, contests, and a gift exchange.

Christmas was a fun filled two days with family.  Always love to just lounge around and visit.

New Year’s Eve was spent with a small group of friends, just the way we wanted it.

December best quote – Me: “I am the most self-destructive person I know.”

 So what is my New Year resolution?  To continue to improve my health, writing, and overall quality of life. And hopefully have a more exciting (in a good way) year than 2014 was.


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