Ignore The Pushers

I try to keep up with all the studies, research, advancements in treatments and technologies in treating diabetes and the search for a cure.  There is a lot going on, but there needs to be more.

In my roaming of the internet, news, magazines, papers, books, people, and all resources of information, I am forever bombarded with ads and even blatant lying articles, videos, etc.. trying to nab any ignorant, vulnerable, suckers who’ll fall for the lies.

diabetes7“Try this new cure for diabetes!”

“Well hidden secret cure for diabetes!”

“Reverse diabetes now!”

“This supplement will cure your diabetes!”

“This common food reverses diabetes!”

LIES, LIES, LIES!!!!  Everywhere, LIES!

Slithering snakes trying to take advantage of the emotionally and psychologically heartbroken sufferers.  They want to make money, they try so hard to get rich off the suffering of others.


It pisses me off to no end.

C’mon, people, if there was a cure do you really think there would be so many diabetics just living their lives continuing to suffer for no good reason?

diabetes10If there was a cure it would be shouted from the rooftops.  We would all know about it and be crowding our doctor’s office demanding it right this second.  It wouldn’t be in some ad off to the side of your computer screen with some sneaky wording trying to pique your interest and curiosity.  It would be on the front-lines of reputable well-known news sources. Your doctor would be telling you about it!


Don’t bother with the pushers, the liars, the greedy bastards who profit from your heartache. We struggle enough with insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and government using us as money sources.  We don’t need more leeches on our asses. At least the insurance, pharmaceutical, and government do something to help. The lying fake cures just take and give nothing in return.

I say ignore them, but it’s near impossible to do that because they are everywhere.  Just like roaches, ants, and vermin, they know how to get in from every little crevasse. I wish there was a way to destroy them all.

Destroy the pushers, destroy the misinformation, DESTROY THE LIES!



3 thoughts on “Ignore The Pushers”

      1. I’ve been waiting 60 years darlin, and my mother before me. You can get a new heart, a new kidney, a half a liver but no one seems to be able to transplant the tiny Isles of Langerhans. I can only come to the conclusion that there is too much money being made by not curing it – it is more profitable to “treat” it. There is little money dedicated to searching for a “cure” – no matter what the American Diabetes Association says. Regards.


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