One Month of CGMing

It has been over one month now that I have been using a CGM (continuous glucose monitor).  I am forever grateful for this technology; it is a most useful tool.

In one month I have made note of several pros and only one con.

CGM receiver screen

Positive things I’ve noted having a CGM:

1. My blood sugars are much, MUCH more normalized.

2. I have not had any severe lows, but have been woken several times during the night by my CGM warning me I was getting low. So I was able to treat before it got dangerous.

*Side note: I much prefer to be woken in the middle of the night to a CGM warning me I’m getting low, than to end up in a severe low or dead!*

3. I have only had three very high blood sugars.  These happened over night, my CGM woke me to warn me I was getting high but I chose to ignore it and so woke up very high. I count this as a positive because the CGM did warn me before it got too high.  It was my fault for ignoring it.

4. I have been able to find a couple of trends in my blood sugar that have lead me to make lifestyle and medication adjustments to improve blood sugar control. Without the CGM I would have had to wait much longer and gather many blood sugar readings over days or weeks to be able to see the trend.  With the CGM I saw the trends in one day because it checks every five minutes and immediately charts, etc..

The one complaint I have regarding my CGM is that the adhesive used to keep it stuck to me tends to begin to lose it’s stickiness a day or two before it’s time to change.  I end up using medical tape to hold it down until it’s time to change.  But it is a bit annoying. My brother told me about some patches he has for his pump that he uses when he takes a shower.  I might try these when I shower to put over my sensor/transmitter to see if staying more dry will help the adhesive to last long enough.

Medical tape to hold adhesive in place

All-in-all I am loving my CGM and am still as happy and grateful as ever to be able to have such a tool to help me better care for my diabetes.

Next on my list of diabetes care plans is to see about getting a pump.  I used to have no desire to have a pump, but having a CGM has helped so much that I began to look into other modern treatments, and then talked to my brother who has had a pump for years.  He helped to clear up some questions and misconceptions I had about pumps.  So now I am interested in getting one.

Then…all I need is a cure!


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