5 Things to Never Say to A Diabetic

5 things you should never say/do to a diabetic

1. Never, ever, ever tell a diabetic how they should live their life. Never be so rude and insensitive as to try to tell them they are doing something wrong or unhealthy. Even if you mean well, you’re just being an asshole. We have plenty of doctors to tell us how we’re doing and what we should and shouldn’t do.  We’ve lived our lives with this disease and know it inside and out. Our life choices are ours to make. You are no expert on our life.  So just STFU.

2. See #1

3. #1, ’nuff said.

4. Please refer to #1.

5. *Points to #1*



Author: Tamra K. Garcia

Stephen King says to "Write what you know." I know diabetes, I know me; so this is what I write about.

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