I Can Be Proud

It is Diabetes Blog Week.  Many, many diabetes bloggers all over the internet are taking a different topic each day and posting a blog about it.  I missed day one because of an unfortunate and excruciatingly painful side effect to laser eye surgery. Today I intend to post twice; yesterday’s topic and today’s.

Yesterday’s topic was “I can”. Part of the topic description asked “What have you done that you’ve been particularly proud of?”. This is the subject I am going to concentrate on with this post.

I’ve talked a lot in past posts about my life growing up in a family of type 1 diabetics and how I experienced the deaths of four of them, one being my own father, one an aunt I loved dearly, and two cousins who I wasn’t as close to as I would have liked but loved as family none-the-less. They all were type 1’s and they all died from complications of diabetes, and they all were young, and they all took good care of themselves according to the knowledge of diabetes care in their time.

I spent my childhood, teen years, and twenties in total rebellion of my diabetes. I had the thought stuck in my head that it didn’t matter if I tried to care for my diabetes or not, I was still going to die a painful early death.  No one could tell me any different; I had seen it for myself several times over.

It would take until my thirties and a brush with open heart surgery to bring me around.  Times have changed, we know so much more and have so many more resources today to keep diabetes in its place. CGM’s, pumps, better nutritional knowledge… so, so much more can be done to live a healthy, long life with diabetes.0ca43-z39

I began to face the demon. I began to do everything I could to restore what health I had destroyed and to control my diabetes instead of letting the fear of what it could do control me. I drastically changed my diet, I exercised through all the pain, I saw my doctors more often than I saw my friends, I studied and got caught up on all the advancements in diabetes knowledge and care, I reached out and became an active part of the diabetes online community. Eventually I started writing a blog about my life with type 1 diabetes and related complications.

All of this has helped me to become much more healthy. I still have so much work to do and I know the journey to getting and staying healthy will not end until I die after a long, long, and happy life.

I can be healthy. I am proud of all the positive changes I have made to bring myself to health and harmony with my diabetes.


One thought on “I Can Be Proud”

  1. This is a very brave post and I really relate to it. In fact, I wrote something similar for my I Can post. I’m glad you’re still here to share with us!


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