The Things We Do For Love

Today is my husband’s birthday. I find myself wanting to share with the world how very special he is. Hubby is one of those men that you just don’t find very often. The kind of man who gives and expects nothing in return. He sees someone he cares about in need and gives his all to help.

How did I get so lucky?

Let me tell you the story of what happened yesterday. Hubby took the day off from work because it was a Monday and he wanted a three-day weekend as his birthday gift to himself.  I didn’t want to ruin his special day off but I had an eye appointment. He took me up to Fresno (30 minute drive) and we ended up waiting in a packed waiting-room almost an hour past my appointment time. He was impatient; I could tell even though he tried to hide it.   I kept telling him he didn’t have to wait with me, he could go have fun somewhere and I would call him when I was done. But  he didn’t want to leave me alone.

Finally I got called in and my appointment was over in less than 30 minutes. The plan had been to go to the grocery store after my appointment and then go home. My blood sugar had been running low all morning and the long appointment wait hadn’t helped, it pushed lunch time back. We had planed to do our quick shopping and then go home to eat, but now we decided to get something cheep first.

My eye appointment had been a laser treatment in my only good eye. I have had this very same treatment before and left the doctor’s office with no trouble. This time it was different. I was in pain. I felt like my eye was being stabbed repeatedly with needles and throbbing so bad I felt it would explode. The pain seemed to be subsiding, though, so I just kept my eyes closed to keep out the very bright sunlight.

We stopped by Wienerschnitzel because that is what Hubby wanted, and we hadn’t eaten there in a very long time. I was pleasantly surprised at how good the food was.

Hubby suggested we just go home because my eye wasn’t doing well.  I refused and insisted we go to the grocery store he wanted to stop at. 1. It was what he wanted for his special day. 2. I wanted to pick up ingredients to make his favorite meal on his birthday.  So we headed over there.

As soon as we stepped into the store my eye began to hurt bad again. My eye was tearing profusely and my nose was running like an open tap.

Hubby said, “OK, let’s just go home, you’re in pain.”

“No, no, let’s get the tater tots and soup and then go.”  I was determined to at the very least be able to make him the meal he wanted on his birthday.

We got the ingredients. I had to stop and rest my head on the cart handle for a moment. I was sure my eye was going to burst open soon.

“OK, that’s it, let’s just go home.”  Hubby said.

“No, the checkout is right there, let’s just pay.”

We paid and got back to the car.  I had to lay back my seat and lay on my side with my hair covering my face to block out the light in order to be even remotely comfortable. I am shocked that I actually dozed off on the way home.

When we got home I tore off my clothes and lay in bed  with the curtains drawn tight and the light off.  Hubby found my old bottle of Hydrocodone pills from an old eye surgery. I popped one and promptly fell to sleep despite the agony. Not long later I woke up and puked, then went back to sleep.  I think I slept for over four hours.

Hubby had left to go hang out with a friend, but not before checking on me a couple of times and making sure I had glucose tabs next to me in case of a low blood sugar, and some water, and my phone.

Later that evening I woke up to the sounds of him playing Call of Duty.  I smiled a bit.  At least he had got to visit a friend and play video games on his special day off.

I tell you this story because I want you to know how much my husband sacrifices and goes through for me on a regular basis. Although I often feel guilty and sad for everything he has to go through.  He’s not the sick one with so many complications of diabetes. He doesn’t have to go through this.

But he does it.  Because he loves me, he cares.  He is a special kind of human being.  A very rare breed.

I love him so much.  I could never survive without him. My gratitude knows no bounds. 87c37


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