The Monster In My Closet

Today, day three of Diabetes Blog Week, asks us to talk about something in our diabetes closet we need to clean out. I so wanted to talk about my emotional and psychological crap, but I have talked a lot about that in past posts. So I decided to keep this one on a lighter topic and talk about my actual diabetes supply closet.

I keep my CGM on me at all times

My diabetes supply closet is actually just a cupboard. I do not keep all of my supplies in one place, that would be impossible considering I need several items near or on me at all times, several need to stay refrigerated, several I use often so they stay on my counter top, and the rest I store in my cupboard. OK, it’s two cupboards, one for meds, and one for non-ingestibles.

Refrigerated supplies
Counter-top supplies
Pills cupboard

So of all this crap, what needs to be tossed? Not much. I am a mostly tidy and organized minimalist.  I do, however still have two partially used vials of insulin that I no longer use because I changed insulin types a few months back. I also own two glucometers I no longer use but hold onto in case of emergency.  The oldest diabetes supplies I own are two bags of syringes from way back in 2005. I don’t use this type of syringe anymore, but I hold on to them…you got it.. in case of emergency.

Other supplies

Diabetes supplies are usually quite expensive, even with insurance coverage, so most diabetics hold on to supplies as long as they can.

And this isn’t even all of my diabetes related paraphernalia; I have cook books, diabetes educational books, diabetes related forms, and medical papers, jewelry, booklets, charts, etc.

It all just piles up over time and if you don’t keep up with the organization it will soon overrun your home, purse, car, desk, everything.


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