Surprise, Surprise

Today our prompt for Diabetes Blog Week is Changes; what would we like to see change in the diabetes world, or what have we changed in ourself, or seen change in others after diagnosis?  I decided to go with the changes I have seen in my husband since his diagnosis of type 2.

This blog, my blog, Diabetes Odyssey, is about my struggle with type one diabetes, I rarely mention the fact that my husband has recently been diagnosed with type 2.  The good things to come out of this diagnosis are the most surprising.

1. He has changed his diet drastically for the better. This actually started a few months before his diagnosis. We had moved into our own home with no roommates and this made it much easier to avoid having junk food at every turn. The biggest food change for Hubby was changing from regular soda to diet. I was surprised at how easily he did this and how he never once mentioned missing his sugar drinks. A big hunk of his diet was already healthy because I insist on cooking healthy meals because of my type 1, but he did have his sugar soda and his own junk food outside of the home. Making the changes has been mostly smooth, but not without bumps.  But I am proud at how well he’s done.

2. He took up yoga. The thing I thought would be the most challenging for him would be to exercise more. He’s always talked a lot about getting more exercise, but has never backed it up with action. I thought it might be easiest to start with taking walks and then doing some weight lifting on the opposite days. Hubby did me one better and brought home DDP Yoga. I was a bit curious and confused at first but hubby said he wanted to workout with me and yoga was easier on my neuropathy pain. We did it together, learned together, toppled over together.  It hasn’t been a steady road, but we’re working on this one.

3. He takes his meds.  I have been pleasantly surprised again that Hubby keeps his doctor appointments and has been proactive in his care. The doctor put him on Lisinopril for blood pressure and for kidney protection; and he was put on Metformin for the diabetes. He takes his pills on time every day. Now I just need to get him to check his blood sugar more often.

It has not been easy for Hubby to adjust to a new lifestyle,but the part that makes it much more easy for him is that with me being type 1 and already having him live so closely with the life he’s now needing to live, it hasn’t been that huge of a change.  There have been bumps and setbacks as is to be expected with everything in life, but he’s got this, and I’ve got his back.



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