And Then I Walked Home

Today’s topic for Diabetes Blog Week is as follows: “If you have been blogging for a while, what is your favorite sentence or blogpost that you have ever written?  Is it diabetes related or just life related?  If you are a new blogger and don’t have a favorite yet, tell us what motivated you to start sharing your story by writing a blog?”

Let’s just get right into it.

Favorite sentence: I can think of two right off the top of my head.

1. “I am the most self-destructive person I know.” I have used this sentence more than once in blog posts. I use it because it is true. No matter how little or much I have cared about my health throughout my life, I always seem to choose the path of most destruction. I have never been a person of high self esteem or even close to a good self image, but I have come to realize in recent years that it goes even deeper than that.  I seem to have a deep-seeded instinct to want to do harm to myself. It’s like I don’t think I am worth a damn and deserve to be punished for some unseen sin.

2. “And then I walked home.” This has come to be one of my most favorite sentences from any of my blog posts. I love this simple sentence so much because it has a ton of meaning behind it. I have used it to symbolize that my day was bad, or good.  I suffer from a lot of painful health issues and walking is even more painful, and sometimes difficult for me. Also, I lost my driver’s license because of diabetic retinopathy, so having to walk places can also be a terrible reminder of my loss of independence. So, saying, “and then I walked home” can be a symbol of triumph, because I managed to do something despite the pain; it can also be a symbol of defeat, because I had to suffer through yet more pain after an already bad day. It really depends on the blog post.

My favorite blog post: Not to brag but I have written a few damn good posts in the past. You can find some real gems mixed in with my many merely decent posts. I have to pick “I Am Living Proof” as my favorite to date. I choose this one because it gives the story of my history with type 1 diabetes, how I felt about it and rebelled against it, and all the complications I developed because of my years of neglect and rebellion.  This post was the first post I wrote about my past and what my bad choices have done to me. It was the beginning of my reaching out to other struggling diabetics and hoping to be able to encourage them to take control of their diabetes. It was the beginning of my reaching out and letting other struggling diabetics know that they are not alone in their fear and anger over being diabetic.

Why I write: I started writing my diabetes blog because I had come to a point where I just needed to get it all out. All the pain, frustration, fear, all of it.  I began to write about my health issues and then soon realized I could use my blog to reach out to other diabetics who struggle like I do to get and stay healthy, and struggle with the emotional and psychological hardships of being diabetic. It is therapeutic for me, and I hope it touches other diabetics and helps them in some way.



One thought on “And Then I Walked Home”

  1. What motivates me is exercise. Especially Riding my Road bike. AND I really love riding in the American Diabetes TourDeCure every year. I am a Red Rider With Type one Diabetes on a insulin pump. I really Love! Cycling! Allot! 😉 🙂


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