Excuses, Excuses

We all have things we need to do in life but don’t want to. Maybe we’re afraid, maybe we just don’t like doing them; no matter why we don’t want to do it, it still must get done. We end up putting it off or ignoring it. We make excuses for why we haven’t done it or kept up with it.

I’m no exception to the excuse game. I make excuses, I come up with “reasons” not to do what I know I need to do. For the purposes of this post I am going to specifically talk about the excuses I make for not doing things I need to do to be a healthy diabetic. And why I don’t like doing these things and, perhaps, what I can do to stop this behavior.

Sticking to my LCHF diet – I need to do this but have a hard time with it, especially lately. I want to do it, it works to keep my BG under wonderful control but it’s difficult because I am a carb addict and I get powerful cravings. And I get burnt out from the constant hard work. My excuses for breaking my good eating habits: “I have no self control”, “I have low will power”, “I deserve a break now and then”, “The cravings are too powerful and won’t go away unless I satisfy them”.

For the record, all of these excuses are true, but I use them to get what I want instead of trying to overcome or fix them. I do try to ignore the cravings or satisfy them with alternative healthier foods. I do try to exert will power and self control, but I never try hard enough because I am soon overwhelmed with feelings of rebellion. Nobody and nothing is going to control me!

I need to change my attitude. I need to take control and force the will power. I really need to find a way to fix my cravings problem…

Exercise – I need to get a lot more exercise. My excuses for not working out: “I have neuropathy and it hurts real bad to be active”, “I’m too tired”, “I hate going outside”.

Again, all of these excuses are real, but there is no reason I can’t work through them. Getting fit should help the energy and tiredness problem, I just need to push myself more to work through it. I’m not the outdoorsy type anymore, at least not on a regular basis. But I don’t have to go outside to workout! I have a perfectly good Xbox Fitness program, I have a treadmill! I know how to workout in my living room!

Now, the neuropathy is an obstacle. I get on the treadmill and even at a slow pace I can’t go more than five minutes before I am wanting to cry. And by ten minutes I am struggling just to stay standing. But I have a bike I can go out and ride, biking doesn’t hurt nearly as much.

I need to just do it!

Carb/protein/fat Counting – I have a habit of not going to the trouble of really working out the proper counts and getting solid numbers. I don’t tend to do the math to it’s proper and exact extent for I:C (insulin to carb ratio), etc. My excuses: “It’s so much time and effort”, “I do a lot of home cooking and so it’s difficult to figure out counts and portion sizes”, “I still need to figure out how protein and fat get counted, it’s so confusing”, “I fucking hate math!”.

Yes it does take time and effort, but it’s of vast importance and needs to be done. Eating home cooked meals tends to be healthier and less expensive, you have much more control over what goes into your food. Also, I love to cook, and I love to experiment. I think a little extra work to figure out nutritional facts and portion sizes is a reasonable price. I enjoy study and learning things, so there really is no excuse for me to not have bothered to learn how the whole protein and fat thing works. I really need to do that. And I really do hate math! I’m not bad at it, I just am not a scientific thinker by nature, I am a natural abstract thinker. So math is just boring, monotonous, and annoying to me.  But it is an important part of life and there is no getting around it. So I need to just buck up and do it.

All the Doctors – I don’t see all the doctors I should, and I don’t mention to my doctors all the problems I have. My excuses: “I’m dealing with so many problems already”, “I have so many doctor and medical appointments already”, “I’m tired of all this medical stuff”, “These problems I don’t mention aren’t all that bad, I can live with them”, “I’m afraid I’ll need surgery”.

Diabetes comes with tons of added baggage. You need to do what you need to do, that’s it. It gets tiring, having appointments all the time, but it’s required for good health. There might be an easy fix for this little problem here or there, all I have to do is bring it to my doctor’s attention and then I just might be freed of this or that issue. Sure, it may lead to surgery, but if that is what is needed, then that is what is needed.

And my number one excuse I use for EVERYTHING: “It’s just a constant reminder of my lot in life. I just want to close my eyes and make it all go away.”


Living with diabetes is not easy. It takes a ton of work to live healthy. And having a ton of complications on top of it is just added heartache. It drains you. But I only have two choices: give up or be strong.

I’m far from perfect, I don’t even bother to strive for perfection because it doesn’t exist, I strive to do the best I can. I make mistakes, I get tired and stumble.

But I will never give up.


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