So my current insurance company offers an option called Teladoc. Basically it’s over the phone care. I tried it today.

I was very skeptical at first; calling a doctor and having them diagnose and treat you without an actual in-person exam. Doesn’t sound safe, does it?

They, of course, do not treat all ailments over the phone. If you call with a certain problem they can not diagnose, or they know requires an in-person visit, then they will deny you care over the phone and send you to your doctor or ER.

My ailment is a recurring staph infection. I know beyond the shadow of a doubt what the issue is and that I simply need a certain antibiotic. So I decided to forgo a trip to my primary doctor and try out this new fangled phone doc.

I first signed up online. This took about ten minutes and entailed such information as my name, birth date, phone number, insurance info, etc., as well as my current medications and health status.

Then I filled out a quick request form (online, of course) to have a doctor call me. This info required was simply letting them know a rundown of what is wrong. They gave an option to upload a photo, so I took a quick snap shot of the infection and uploaded it.

Within three minutes my phone rang. I could tell immediately that I really was speaking to an actual doctor. He had that tale-tale doctor voice, serious, educated, studious. He first asked me to verify I was who I said I was, then he asked me exactly where the infection was. He had looked at the picture but it was so up close he couldn’t identify the place. Then he agreed it was cratered like staph. We had a discussion about my recurrence of staph, how prone I am to these infections. He suggested I may have a strain called MRSA. I’ve never been tested for this so he suggested I request it next time I see my primary.

In the end he sent a prescription for an antibiotic to my local pharmacy.

And I never had to put on pants and leave my house. 🙂


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