Dying Young?

Many diabetics are faced with the idea of dying young.  This (dying young) isn’t a fact, but just a possibility. I know many type 1 diabetics who have lived with this disease for many years, even up to 65 years, and are now healthy senior citizens.

The fact is that anybody can die young. you don’t have to be a person with a disease, you can die from an accident, or murder, or any number of things. So why do so many diabetics spend so much time thinking about death and a short life?

(The Band Perry – If I Die Young)

One reason could be that diabetes used to be a guaranteed early death. But not anymore, so stop thinking that! Yes, it can still happen, especially if you don’t take care of yourself. But it is more likely that if you care for your diabetes that you will live just as long as any non-diabetic.

Another reason is the constant vigilance of health and warnings of “higher risk” for this, that, and everything else. We are bombarded every day, all day with the need to be aware of our health, our numbers. Taking shots (or changing pump sites), checking blood sugar, counting carbs, doctor appointments, lab work, the worry of severe hypos, and everything else. It is easy to think about death when the warnings and worries are all around weather you want them to be or not, weather they are true or not. The constant reminder (lie) that you are sick, not healthy, not normal.

I say, who gives a shit what others think. I’m normal for me. I’m trying to be as healthy as possible for me and I will live as long as I am lotted to live and I will not worry myself with if and when I am going to die…or how.

Diabetes has not been a death sentence for a long time and people, diabetic or not, need to stop thinking type 1 diabetes = early death.

When I get frustrated, worried, or depressed about my health issues I always listen to this song and it calms me. For me this beautiful song leads me to think about comfort, love, and peace.

Yiruma – River Flows In You 


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