Aaaand We’re Back to Talking About Carbs

The past three or more months I’ve been struggling real bad with my eating habits. It all started with immense frustration over trying so hard to get healthy, and it all working…except I kept gaining and gaining, and gaining more weight. This lead to depression which caused me to almost completely give up on all my healthy work.

Then the holidays hit, and although my depression was beginning to lift, the goodies were closing in all around and temptation and low will power ravished me…yes, I do mean ravish, in both the good and bad way.

I have no excuses even though the above explanation may sound so. The fact is I have let my feelings run my behavior and it’s time to make it stop and get back to my super low carb, low calorie, very healthy lifestyle.

I do feel so much better when I eat healthy. So much so that I crave and desire to eat that way…but my emotions (stress) get in the way.

Over the past few months my blood sugars have gone up, although my A1c indicates it wasn’t as bad as I thought.

My weight has continued to creep up.  UGH!!!

I haven’t felt good overall.

Even though my eating has been terrifically terrible, everything else has been good.  I even have stuck to my determination to add more exercise to my routine. In addition to what I was already doing regularly I have now added three days a week of yoga.  I already feel more flexible and fresh.

Today just so happens to be my birthday. Traditionally we go out to eat for one meal on this day. I vow (and really actually am craving) to order a salad.

My problem with the unhealthy eating isn’t that I don’t want to eat tons of veggies and protein and fat.  These are things I absolutely love anyway.  My problem is that I am a stress eater who is addicted to carbs.

I really don’t like carbs that much, it’s an addiction. Many (not all) carb heavy foods don’t appeal to me normally. But I do have a weakness for potatoes (the most deadly unhealthy food for diabetics). When I am under a lot of stress or emotional turmoil, or depression, or PMSing, I automatically go for carbs. I crave potatoes (especially fried), chocolate, and doughnuts, mostly.

On your average normal day you wouldn’t catch me wanting to eat carb heavy foods. I might do it out of the above reasons, or because it’s there and easy.

Like I say, carbs are the whores of nutrition, cheap and easy.

You  might find that this post sounds a bit contradictory to some older posts on the same topic. True, this post is only talking about the past year. This is how my appetite, preferences, and cravings have changed this past year. It’s not a massive change, but it is a noticeable one.

I used to love carbs, all carbs, and not be able to resist. But now my taste has changed and for the better. I hope this stays and I can take advantage of it to help improve my health.

The biggest and best way I am able to control my addiction is to not allow any carbs at all in my house. This works well for me because I rarely leave my home, and if the object of my craving is not at arms reach I won’t go chasing it. I plan to re-implement this rule starting tomorrow.

Here’s to hoping 2016 is better than 2015….by far.


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