A Rare and Strange Case

It’s been a long day. Today I had an appointment with my new primary doctor. One appointment ended up being three, and an all day event. You see, we just changed insurance providers so I had to see a primary in order to get new valid prescriptions and referrals to all the specialists I need.

I went to my primary appointment. My new primary is nice, knowledgeable, listens, and is helpful. She listened and asked questions as I told her my history and what I need. As I went over the list of medications I take, she only had an issue with one of them.

I was totally heartbroken to find out that Kaiser does not cover Farxiga! My miracle drug and Kaiser doesn’t cover it!


She also suggested I switch from Pravastatin to a “better and newer” drug called Lipitor.

She ordered a new medication for me for my neuropathy pain. Cymbalta. This drug also happens to treat depression which I’ve been struggling a bit with lately.

I also discovered that Kaiser doesn’t cover the meter or test strips I use, so she ordered me a new one.

I told her about my frozen shoulder and how I’ve never gotten help for it. She ordered an x-ray and scheduled me for therapy.

She then looked up the endocrinology department on her computer and saw that there was an appointment available this afternoon. We scheduled me.

After my primary appointment I went over to the pharmacy and picked up all the orders that were ready. You don’t even want to know the chunk of change that cost me.

Then we drove to the other (Fresno) Kaiser so I could get my x-ray done. We happened to run into two old friends while we were waiting. We chatted and caught up a bit. I got called in fairly quick. They took x-rays in three different positions, none of them comfortable.

We had time before my endo appointment so we went to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch.

I ended up at my endo appointment an hour early so I just sat and waited. I got called back and this is when things got…interesting.

The endo automatically assumed my type 1 diagnosis was a misdiagnosis and that I’m actually type 2.  She assumed this because she saw that I am on Farxiga and Metformin. I had to explain to her that I was diagnosed type 1 at the tender age of 8 way back in 1987 and that I’ve always been type 1.

“Why were you put on Metformin and Farxiga?”

I had to explain to an endocrinologist that I am a type 1 who also happens to be insulin resistant and this has caused massive weight gain and that is why I’m on Metformin and Farxiga.

Faith in this doctor absolutely not established.

She finally got it through her head. She actually called me a “rare and strange case”.

She explained to me that Farxiga and Metformin are not used with type 1’s and they aren’t healthy for type 1’s.

I told her they are helping me to use less insulin and hopefully soon to lose weight and I haven’t had any illness or side effects from either of them.

She explained that Farxiga is not covered by Kaiser but she can order it as a “special circumstance” but she didn’t know how much they would charge me.

I said go for it.

She wasn’t impressed by my pump. I use an Animas Vibe and I guess Kaiser prefers the T Slim or something else. At least the Animas Vibe is covered by Kaiser, they just don’t push it.

She was very happy to see that I use a CGM.

We talked about some other things. She ordered some labs. She strongly asked me to actually use the carb and BG functions for bolusing on my pump so next time she can see all the pertinent information and make suggestions, etc.

I said OK even though in my head I was groaning. More work. I do it all in my head, why use the pump for it?  Truthfully I completely understand why and agree…but it’s just more work for me. *rolls eyes*

She asked to see me in a month.

After the appointment we made a stop by the pharmacy again to pick up my new meter and test strips. It hadn’t been ready the first time around.

When I got home I called the ophthalmology department to make an appointment since I absolutely need to have my Avastin injections every eight weeks.

I really hope Kaiser works out. Most of my issues today were just changes, things they do differently than my old insurance. I’m just not sure I want to keep this endo.


8 thoughts on “A Rare and Strange Case”

  1. I hate hate hate when I have had to see a new doc and re-tell my life story… So annoying. I just got the t:slim pump. I’ll have it put on Feb. 2. I’m nervous, excited, worried, anxious, happy, apprehensive, etc….lol. I’m so sensitive to insulin… I guess only time will tell. So, not to sound like your new endo, but why are you on type 2 meds AND insulin? I’m just curious.


    1. I’m on insulin because I’m type 1 (I produce none of my own). I’m on type 2 meds because I’m also insulin resistant and this has caused me to need tons of insulin to regulate my blood sugar despite a very healthy diet and exercise. The meds help me to use less insulin which should help me to lose a lot of weight that I have gained due to so much insulin (which is a fat storing hormone).


      1. Oh, ok! Gotcha. That makes sense!

        I’m exactly the opposite. I’m suuuuper sensitive to insulin. I have to literally babysit my diabetes in fear that I would go low. Dexcom has been a life saver in that I can be alerted each time it starts to drop.

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  2. Frozen shoulder… probably the statins you are on for cholesterol. At least they caused mine. If you went on a low carb, moderate protein and high fat diet, you wouldn’t need those Type 2 diabetic meds and your need for insulin would also decrease. You would have to cut out sugar, starches and processed foods. Cholesterol improves on a Low Carb diet too in most cases. Have you read Dr. Bernstein’s book for Type 1 diabetics – Diabetes Solution? It just might help you.


    1. My frozen shoulder was caused from heart surgery. I am on a LCHF diet, have been for over two years. I’ve read Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution, which is where I learned LCHF. Thanks for the advice, that is very kind of you, but I’m already doing all this stuff. 🙂

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  3. LCHF hasn’t made a difference for my daughter with Type 1 & PCOS, but Metformin has helped lower her insulin needs by almost half & lower her cholesterol to normal range. It didn’t help much with weight loss so we found a personal trainer to help design a workout plan. Since starting on the plan 18 months ago, she has lost 20 lbs. It’s been a slow & hard battle, but she’s making progress.

    Her endo didn’t think metformin would help a T1 either, but her gyn disagreed, thankfully. Some endos have a hard time thinking outside the box. They want to think T1 follows the same rules for everyone.

    Good luck with your journey. I hope the meds help.

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  4. I sympathize with the problems you are having with insurance changing your medications for you. They did the same to me. They won’t even fund test strips, but I am going through channels on that, because I believe they have to, at least partially. It is a pain when our health care runs afoul of insurance company’s profits.


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