Drift Away

I’ve got a wild nostalgia kind of hair up my booty tonight so I thought I’d annoy you all with another post about music I like to listen to when diabetes is bugging me.

If you haven’t read my other post about music, let me just let you know that, like most people, I listen to certain music (songs) when I feel certain ways. When I am stressed, frustrated, depressed- especially about diabetes- I listen to specific music, either to compliment my emotions and thoughts, or to try to change them. I’ve listed many of the songs I like before in a previous post ( Fear is How I Fall ) and here I shall list some more, including the reasons I listen to them.

  1. Angel by Sarah Mclachlan. This song is about drug abuse but when I listen to it I think only about my struggles and frustrations with diabetes and how it has affected my life.
  2. Chop Suey! by System of a Down – I love this song. I listen to it often because no matter how I feel it is always an awesome song to go with any time in life. When I’m angry it satisfies my need to hit something; when I’m cleaning house, exercising, or just wanting to move, it helps keep my energy up; when I’m in a good mood it’s just plain fun to listen to and sing along with.
  3. Drift Away by Dobie Gray – Almost every line in this song reminds me of how I feel when I struggle with diabetes. At the same time it is relaxing and uplifting. This is music therapy right here.drift
  4. Dying by Five for Fighting – Some people think this song is about a break up. I think it’s pretty obvious that it is about losing a loved one to death. But I always think of how much I’d love to be free of my diabetes when I listen to it. I tend to listen to it a lot when I am feeling depressed.
  5. Mary Jane by Alanis Morissette -“It’s a long way down on this roller-coaster”. I tend to listen to this song when I’ve had a particularly hard time with BG control; when life just seems to keep beating me down.
  6. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow by The Shirelles – Even though I know my husband loves me unconditionally and will always be here for me, I still fight with feelings of guilt, and I fear he’ll get fed up with dealing with my diabetes and complications.
  7. A Little Bit Longer by The Jonas Brothers – I’m not a fan of the Jonas Brothers but this song hits home because it is actually about diabetes.
  8. Tightrope by Janelle Monae – LOL, all you diabetics out there listen to this song and I guarantee you won’t be able to think of anything but diabetes!
  9. I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz – When I’m so down that I just need to cry and know I need help I listen to this song and find strength within myself to get through the hard times and keep trying.
  10. Mala by E Nomine – This song is about evil waking up and bringing suffering. No wonder I think of diabetes. I tend to listen to this when I’m in a weird mood.
  11. Chapter One by Lifehouse – This is an uplifting song that encourages me to keep trying.
  12. Beauty in the World by Macy Gray – Another uplifting song to gain a better view of life.
  13. Days Like This by Van Morrison – Good days do exist.
  14. So Cruel by Depeche Mode – This link is to the cover of a U2 song called So Cruel. The original U2 version is very good, but I chose the Depeche Mode version because it conveys  more of the emotion I feel when I listen to it. The song is about a person who is heartless and cruel. But when I listen to it I think of how diabetes “treats” me and how feel toward it. Animosity, hatred, etc.
  15. Gives You Hell by The All-American Rejects – OK, this is one of those songs that I sing to myself whenever I check my blood sugar at it’s a perfect number!  The song is like my bitch-slap to diabetes!

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