So Far So Good

This year I made a resolution to make twelve small lifestyle changes (one per month) that ultimately improve my overall health and well being. Now that January is ending, how have I done this month?

I am happy to report I’ve done pretty well. My goal for January was to reestablish my yoga routine and stick with it. I resolved to do my yoga workout three times each week and I did, save for two days I missed due to severe nausea.

During this month I also realized how determined I can be and how motivated I can make myself. Each time I felt lazy or tired I would simply remind myself of why I need and want to do this. How I feel when I fail at something, how I feel when I’m not active versus how great I feel when I am active and accomplish something. I need to work out for my health, and when I do yoga I feel so wonderful, agile, stronger, flexible, and I lose weight and gain better control over my blood sugar.

There are so many beneficial things that come out of being active, physical. There are so many terrible things that happen when I don’t move.

In addition to my new (and permanent) yoga routine, I also started taking a new medication. My doctor recommended I try, and she prescribed, Cymbalta to help with my neuropathy pain. I used to take Gabapentin but it did absolutely nothing for my pain, and it left me constantly sedated and useless. I wasn’t too optimistic about the Cymbalta, I had read a lot of negative reviews of it online, things about terrible side effects and it not working on pain, etc. But I figured I’d give it a try. I’m glad I did, after two days of nausea I suddenly felt awesome. Not only was my pain markedly lessened (not totally gone, but much better) but my depression melted away as well. I was mostly surprised at how fast it started working, and at only 30mg a day. I’m going to stick with it. I wish it worked this well for everyone, but alas, we’re not all the same.

I also finally saw a physical therapist for my frozen shoulder and was given a very optimistic diagnosis. All I need to do is a few home exercises every day, twice a day to encourage my shoulder to loosen up. I’ve been doing them for a week now and I already feel and notice a bit more range of motion and strength.

So, what comes next? February I will continue with my yoga and other work out stuff, and I will add at least two days a week of weight lifting. By lifting weights I will strengthen my arms, shoulders, back, and chest muscles, all of which have been so very weak since my heart surgery and frozen shoulder set in back in late 2013! Also lifting weights helps to improve insulin sensitivity which is good for me since I am very insulin resistant.

I’m very pleased that I finally have stuck with a new year resolution. I certainly do not plan on failing now!


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