Resolution Update

As many of my regular readers know my new year resolution this year was to make twelve lifestyle changes (add a new one each month) to improve my overall health. February’s was to add weight lifting to my workout regime.

I did good, but I have to admit I could have done better. Well, this needs a little explaining because I did good on the weightlifting part, but I let myself slack on keeping up with January’s resolution, yoga. I still kept the yoga in, and I still did it as often as I planned, but I didn’t push myself to move forward on it and improve, etc.

The weight lifting has been beneficial in helping my frozen shoulder. I have used the weights to improve the strength in my shoulder. It feels good!

So, what’s the plan for March? Keep up with yoga and weightlifting, and get back into my Xbox Fitness routine. I have a bad habit of doing the Xbox Fitness for awhile and then stopping for months at a time. I need to get back into it and stick with it!

Wish me luck, I’m going to do the kickboxing workout.  🙂


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