Back to the Future…Sort of

I had an endocrinology appointment today. I was kind of excited because I am now under the care of the very same endo that I had when I was in middle school all the way up through high school.

My regular readers might be whispering things like, “why would you want to see the same doctor you had as a kid when you obviously struggled so much with BG control and now have so many complications?”

Let me tell you here that I in no way blame my old endo for my problems today. I rebelled so bad as a kid, never checked my BG and left her with very little to work with. There is no way my endo could have or should have thought there were any other issues (PCOS) contributing to my BG problems other than my own behavior. I could tell then and can still tell today that she is one of the best endos out there.

Today’s appointment went very well and left me feeling very good about the future of my health and control.

We talked a  lot about my BG patterns, pump settings, bad habits I need to break like relying too much on my CGM numbers and not checking my blood often enough, and not entering in all my carb and BG info into my pump and using the functions that are there to help me. We discussed my gastroparesis, neuropathy, heart, and other complications. She gave me a referral to a GI specialist and cardiologist. We adjusted my I:C (insulin to carb ratio).

She was blown away at how very insulin resistant I am. “You are super resistant! You take three times the amount of insulin in a day as an average type 1.”


We talked about my PCOS and insulin resistance and weight troubles…

*A happy side note here: after so much time dealing with unexplained weight gain (even though I was doing everything right to lose weight!) I am happy to report I lost 6 pounds this month!  WOOT!!!*

After all was almost said and done the doctor said she would like to get me a genetic test for MODY (Maturity Onset Diabetes of the Young). This is a subclass of type 1 diabetes. I have heard it loosely described as type 1 and type 2 melded, but this is not what it is at all.

I think she may be on to something here. I would be curious to know if I am MODY or not. I do have a history of type 1 in my family (6 of us total) which is a risk factor for MODY.

She first asked me to spend two weeks following the proper pump practices and also checking my blood sugar at least four times a day. Then in two weeks I’ll go back and see her again and she will decide if she wants me to go ahead with the MODY test.

The last thing she asked me before we ended the nearly hour long visit was how I am doing emotionally.  This surprised me, I’ve never had a doctor ask me how I was doing emotionally.

“…I just mean…with all your health problems…you seem like a strong person…but how are you doing?”  She more or less asked.

I felt really good to be asked this. I took a few minutes to tell her about my blogging and how much it has helped me to put things into perspective. And how much the DOC and have helped me to learn so much. And just facing it all and actually working to be healthy has really given me a positive outlook.

She truly is a great doctor. She cares, she works with me, she knows her stuff. This is why I came back to her. Good doctors are hard to find.



7 thoughts on “Back to the Future…Sort of”

  1. I applaud you for your approach to your diabetes, and I can relate to the struggles and issues you talk about. You are insightful, wide, and have much to share, even for this Type 1 who has been dealing with diabetes since I was 30 (and that was 28 years ago!) I look forward to reading more of your posts (past and future!)


  2. I’m always happy to read stories like yours that may not have started out so well, but have pushed you into an inspired and inspirational-to-others place. One of your posts reminded me of a book I read about female hormones that talked a lot about PCOS. Author is Alisa Vitti. Don’t know if it might be helpful. Soldier on!


  3. Glad to hear things have been going better for you! I’ve been following your blog for a while now and have learned a lot from your wealth of knowledge and experience (I’m pretty newly diagnosed). Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Keep up the great work! 🙂


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