Miracle Drug

You get a ring at the door and when you answer a stranger stands there, he shows you some very spectacular credentials and tells you he is here to offer you a cure. It’s a miracle drug. It’s guaranteed to work. It will cure you in one dose and you will never develop diabetes ever again.

You ask him how much it costs and if your insurance will cover it.

He says your insurance will not cover it but that’s OK because it doesn’t cost any money.

The cost to you is that you will have to give up something very dear to you. Forever. The cure won’t work unless the thing you give up truly does mean a whole lot to you.

Would you do it? What would you give up? Why or why not?

This is a very thought provoking question. I have never wanted anything more than to be free of my diabetes. But am I willing to give up the thing I care the most for in order to be cured?

For me the cost is obviously my husband. Am I willing to give him up? And in what way would I have to give him up? Just never interact with him again? Or more seriously, would it mean his death?

I could go the route of what Hubby would want. As I was pondering this question I decided to ask my hubby. I told him the scenario and before I could tell him the thing most dear to me he said,

“Goodbye Macie. Pack her up.”  Just so you all know, Macie is my cat, and yes she is very dear to me, but not as dear as Hubby.

“You are most dear to me.” I said to Hubby. “You won’t die, but you and I could never see or interact with each other ever again…”

“I’d say do it.” He replied with zero hesitation.

“Why? You’d live without me?” I feigned hurt.

“I’d be OK with it because I’d know you’d be healthy. I want you to be healthy and happy.”


OK, so I have the answer to my scenario.

What’s yours?

Miracle Drug – U2



4 thoughts on “Miracle Drug”

    1. LOL, in reality I would not believe him either. But this scenario is just to set up the question of what we’d be willing to sacrifice for a cure if we had to sacrifice something. In other words, how bad do you want a cure? Just dressed up with a lot of word vomit, LOL. 🙂


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