Ever Want to Punch a…?

Every morning I have a certain routine, a habit of things I tend to do as I ‘wake up’ and get moving for the day. One of these habits is to, usually, scan through certain websites and read a lot of blogs and follow a lot of tags and articles categorized under “diabetes”.

Lately I have found myself becoming more and more annoyed and frustrated with the number of blog posts, articles, ads, and the such that are full of lies, half truths, pseudo science, etc.. Yes, these things have been around forever, but it just seems that as of late they have been exploding again.

“You can reverse your diabetes in 60 days.”  Um, no, you can’t reverse your diabetes, ever. You can control it, but you’ll never be cured.

“This diet is the best for diabetics!” I view this one as just a product push because every diabetic is different and there are a million ways to eat based on health needs and lifestyle (activity level, etc.) and type of diabetes, that are going to impact your dietary needs and what you are and aren’t able to handle.

“Studies find … raises risk for diabetes.” or “Study finds … lowers risk for diabetes.” Most of the time these are outright lies, pseudoscience, or unfinished studies.

“Diabetes cured in lab study of new drug/treatment.” Just because some mice were cured doesn’t mean humans will be. Save the news for the human trials, will ya?

“This supplement/meal replacer/vitamin/mineral will cure/reverse/control your diabetes.”  Most likely not. Most likely its a scam, lie, etc. Most likely it’s just another way to play on your heartstrings and get your money from false hope.

There are so many out there. So many lies, so much misinformation.

I don’t know how many personal blog posts I’ve read where a person has been recently diagnosed with some type of diabetes and the way they explain diabetes in their blog is so misinformed my heart just breaks for them.  I want to comment on their post or send them a private message and help them to straighten it all out, but I often feel that would be rude. How do I approach this issue? Well, usually I just start by reaching out in a friendly, “I’ve been through this for many years, let me know if I can help.” Kind of way.


2 thoughts on “Ever Want to Punch a…?”

  1. Hi there, I understand your frustration I sometimes feel exactly the same but there is hope, at least where I am (Australia). Over here there’s a lot of Government & legit DIABETES experts starting up in Social Media & ‘finally’ starting to clarify DIABETES issues & inform the public properly (long overdue). I’ve been in the ‘anger-zone’ many times & at the end of the day I find it’s best to just let it go & do my own SWEET thing (pardon the pun)! ☀️😎


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