The Thought Of Anxiety Pills Makes Me Anxious

I recently got blood work done. I love how it takes so little time to get results. I got the labs drawn and within less than 48 hours I have the results. I remember when I had to wait nearly a month for results!

I’m happy to report I do not have Celiac. So now I’m pretty sure my chronic nausea and vomiting are related to my anxiety. But who knows. I’ve just about given up on trying to figure some things out.

My A1c has gone up from 7.4 to 8.0.  I am actually a bit relieved because I was expecting it to have gone much higher. The rise is due to severe depression that caused me to not do anything to care for myself, including my diabetes. Quite literally for nearly three months. Many, many very high numbers as a result.

I had an appointment with a psychiatrist today. This was my second visit with her, but my first real visit as the first time was just a consult. We talked about how I’ve been feeling, what symptoms I’m experiencing from depression and anxiety.

I explained to her that I didn’t fill the Lorazepam prescription because the thought of it possibly becoming addictive scares me (increases my anxiety). She explained that she is very careful with patients over the addictive nature of Lorazepam and that as long as I take it as directed I shouldn’t have a problem.

She increased my Cymbalta from 20mg to 40mg. I’m hoping this helps both with depression and anxiety.

We spent some time talking about my isolating and being unwilling to leave my house. She seemed concerned about this problem. She asked me if I am seeing a counselor. I said no. She put in a referral to one.

My husband was there with me at this appointment. He stayed quiet most of the time but did chime in to let the doctor know that when I say I am reluctant to leave my home I really mean it.

“I’ll encourage her to go out with me, like, ‘let’s go grocery shopping.’ and she’s very adamant when she says no. Sometimes she gets on the verge of being mad when I ask her.”

I’m glad he went with me. I’m glad he cares and wants to be a part of my health care.

Well, we’ll see how the meds and counseling work out.


2 thoughts on “The Thought Of Anxiety Pills Makes Me Anxious”

  1. Our type 3’s are the very best. Your husband is a brave man for saying anything. If I speak up doing one of my wife’s appointments, I need some additional anti-anxiety medication myself. Becuase I call myself much anxiety.

    I referred your blog to the blog page for the week of July 11, 2016.


  2. I hope the combination of meds and counseling help you start to feel a little bit better. It’s wonderful that your husband is so supportive and going to your counseling sessions with you.

    I also have to say I love your new picture on your blog. Such a pretty smile! 🙂


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