That Time I Lost My…

Have you ever lost something super important? How did it make you feel?

“How could I lose something so important? I’m so dumb!”

“What is wrong with me!? I need that to survive!”

I suppose losing your insulin is like losing your pancreas. LOL

So what is losing your glucose monitor like?  Hmmm, losing your wallet? Not sure if that equates.

“You lost your glucose monitor? How important is that?”

“Oh, not really important, it’s just my quality-of-life monitor…or my current-level-of-health monitor…or my how-compliant-am-I monitor…or my how-much-insulin-to-take calculator…”

So, how did I manage to lose this important piece of medical equipment?

I spent a week visiting my mom who lives an hour and fifteen minutes or so away from me. We had a good time keeping busy with projects, visiting, etc..

Of course, being there for a week means I had made sure to bring with me enough medication, insulin, and medical supplies, including my glucose monitor, pricker, strips, and all packed neatly and tightly into it’s little case.

The day my mom brought me back home I had made sure to pack all my stuff, forgetting nothing.

She drove me all the way home, dropped me off. I made sure to get everything out of her car.

A bit later I unpacked and put everything in it’s proper place. Then…over an hour later, I thought to check my BG and that’s when I realized I didn’t remember unpacking my meter. It wasn’t on my desk where I always keep and surely would have put it when I unpacked it.

Blank!!! (as my mom would say)

I called my mom. She was still on the road…less than five minutes from getting home. She said she’d check the car when she got home and would call me back.

A few minutes later she called and informed me she found my meter in the back of her car. It must have fallen out of my medical tote at some point.

Blankety Blank!!!

At this point I silently and quickly went through my options:

Mom can bring it down tomorrow.  No, that would be a great inconvenience for her (even though she’s willing).

Mom can mail it to me. No, that would take too long and…dollars.

I can e-mail my doctor and get a new meter. Bleh, it’s the weekend so I wouldn’t get it until Monday. Too long.

I can buy a cheap one at CVS to get me through. Ugh! Why’d I have to donate all my old meters!

I could borrow a spare from my brother or diabetic friends to get me through.

Then it hit me. My brother (who lives with my mom, not the diabetic brother) had asked me if I wanted to go to the flea market the next day. He could bring me my meter!

Crisis over, I got my meter back and only missed three BG checks. BG was high, but oh, well.


What diabetes care supplies have you ever lost/forgotten? How did you solve the problem? Did you experience a medical emergency due to the predicament?


5 thoughts on “That Time I Lost My…”

  1. what haven’t I lost? I lost my meter, glucagon, tabs, juice, sets, insulin, wow I have lost it all except my diabetes. I want to lose that. Oh well, better luck next time.


  2. I’ve forgotten a refill of long lasting insulin once and ran out. Luckily I had enough for half a normal dose and was driving home the next day so it wasn’t too bad, but I definitely make sure to take two with me everywhere


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