Plot Twist

I had a follow-up appointment with my primary doctor today, after seeing her last week for a painful lymph node, terrible headaches, and dizzy spells. I had labs done which came back with some abnormal results but nothing that would contribute to angry lymph nodes or headaches. I was put on antibiotics even though the labs didn’t indicate infection.

Three days after my doctor appointment my symptoms decided to get extremely bad. I had dizzy spells that included moments of blindness and hearing loss. My head was throbbing so bad I was actually tempted to cut it off! I was having trouble swallowing because of the swelling in my neck.

Then I started to have chest pain, palpitations, and shortness of breath.  I spent that evening in the ER. They did an EKG, CT scan, blood work, blood cultures, and gave me a migraine cocktail which made my chest pain worse.

The blood work showed no infection.I had a low grade fever, The CT scan showed nothing worrisome. The ER sent me home with Hydrocodone for the pain and told me I would just have to “wait out” the lymph node.

For the next two days my symptoms did not get any better.

This morning I awoke to feeling better. I attributed it to the fact that I had slept the night before with my heating pad firmly stuck to my sore swollen lymph node and set on high. It helped the swelling which helped the pain and trouble swallowing.

When I checked my e-mail I noticed a message from my endocrinologist. She confirmed the labs said my thyroid tests were abnormal and I need to have them redone to verify.

I had an appointment with my primary doctor this afternoon so I got there early and did the labs first.

They called me in and weighed me. I lost another 5lbs in one week. My temperature was normal, BP was 125/70.

The doctor came in and I told her all about how things had just gotten worse, and how I had been having chest pains now, too, and my voice is being affected.

She asked me if the ER had explained the CT results. I told her they said it didn’t show anything worrisome.  She replied that it didn’t show a swollen lymph node. That whatever is making my neck swell and causing all the pain (neck, headaches), and making difficult to swallow, it’s not a lymph node.

So she gave me a referral to a ear nose and throat specialist.

I asked her for better pain management, maybe something with anti-inflammatory. She prescribed Naproxen (Aleve) and said I cold stagger it with Hydrocodone if I need to.


She went on to suggest that my chest pain could be caused from the thyroid issues I’m apparently having (if the recent labs are correct). Or could also be caused from the extreme pain I’ve been having in my head.

My husband chimed in and asked about possible exposure to black mold. I’ve been dealing with a lot of mold in our fixer-upper home.  She doubted it was anything caused from that. Usually mold, asbestos, and other things like that that come out of repairing and cleaning old homes is going to present with upper respiratory issues. I have none.

Although I had an appointment already set up for tomorrow to get my first of 12 B12 injections, I asked the doctor if I could do it today. I need B12 injections because my labs showed I am low on B12.


So I waited a bit and the nurse came in and gave me a B12 shot in my left arm. She asked if I need my flu shot. I said yes. She told me to go down the hall and get it. So I did.

I am so stressed out about this swollen neck issue.  The worst part is not knowing why. What could cause my neck to swell up and hurt and cause massive headaches, trouble swallowing, and mess with my vocal cords, too?  I didn’t injure myself, could it be a virus?

What’s wrong with me?!


2 thoughts on “Plot Twist”

  1. I am diabetic. I am also a reborn Christian. Faith community expects from the sick to be always kind, loving, nice towards others, never sulk, yet physical pain can become unbearable. I have been up since 11pm last night after I went to bed just two hours prior. It as 12:16pm when I am writing here. More Tramadol? I am scared of becoming dependent. More Tegretol? I don’t have extra. Paracetamol? What a joke. I never knew headaches could come from diabetes. Last few days had feet burning like the very fires of hell. Tremendous pain in feet, once even in hands. Nerve pain requiring morphine that I won’t even ask my doctor for. It is not easy to be a model Christian in my circumstances, which go beyond diabetes. Wayy beyond.


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