The Plot Thickens

Today I had yet another doctor visit. Today’s adventure was with an Ear Nose and Throat specialist. Still trying to figure out what’s wrong with me.

I was so relieved when he walked into the exam room and I could tell right off the bat that he is a very kind soul.  My only other experience with an ENT was way back in 1997ish; that ENT was the biggest A$^*%^# I’d ever met.

Today’s doctor kindly asked me how I was doing and I told him I was feeling much better today, but was a bit disappointed that he couldn’t see my symptoms as they’d been all week.

“That’s OK, why don’t you describe the symptoms to me.” He smiled.

I told him all about the dizziness, headaches, swollen and painful left front neck, difficulty swallowing, voice changes, throat cramps, chest pain, low-grade fevers, etc. I also explained about all the tests and results from my other doctors and the ER. I made sure to tell him about my recent diagnosis of an overactive thyroid.

“I looked over all the results and your file, the ER stated that the CT scan showed no lymph nodes, but when I looked at it I saw two lymph nodes that were on the large side of normal.” He went on to suggest I may have had an infection but the antibiotic I’m on took a bit to get started but is now working well, or I may have had a virus that my body is now overcoming.

He did a full ear, nose, and throat exam and pronounced those parts of my body nice and healthy. He was concerned about how extremely hard and tight my neck and shoulders are. As I do with all doctors who point this out, I explained that that is where I keep all my stress and it has always been that hard and tight.

“OK, well everything looks like it’s well on the mend now, but I would like to get a chest x-ray to rule out any swollen lymph nodes in your chest area. And I’d like to order a few general lab tests that haven’t already been done to rule other problems out.”


“The difficulty swallowing could have been caused by the swelling on the left front of your neck, but your thyroid issue could cause it as well.”

After the appointment I went downstairs and got my chest x-ray and then stepped next door and gave them yet another gulp of my blood. Those vampires are insatiable.

While I was waiting outside for my mom to come pick me up, I suddenly went from feeling fine and dandy to that unmistakable precursor to vomiting…overactive salivary glands. I instinctively began to walk back inside, heading for the restroom.  I knew before I hit the doors to get back into the building that I would never make it to a toilet, so I made a sharp right and vomited in the dirt of the bushes. It wasn’t much as my tummy was empty. My only thought at that moment was:

Please, please, please, no one be watching me.

After the mini vomit fest all was well again.

After spending the day with my mom, I got home and checked my Kaiser website and saw that one of the lab tests was done. I freaked out when I saw the result of my Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate. 112 mm/hr when it should be no higher than 20 mm/hr!

I looked up what all this could mean. Most of it just made me more afraid for my health.

Waiting to hear from two of my doctor’s now.



One thought on “The Plot Thickens”

  1. My wife did it in the entrance foyer of the main national military hospital, right in front of a brigadier-general known well internationally, who was CO at the time. Like you, she couldn’t help it. This happens at hospitals, just relax.


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