Lessons From My Cat

I have a blind cat. Sometimes her odd behaviors and clumsiness make me laugh. But one thing is very important about her, no matter her ‘disability’, she’s never shied away from living a full, outgoing, and independent life. juju

I admit that with my type 1 diabetes and myriad of complications, I have sometimes given up and shied away from truly living and being independent. I’ve never used my illnesses to get away with not doing things I need to do, I just gave into the pain, fatigue, and other symptoms that make life more work.

But my cat, she never has. She is fearless, happy, outgoing, and strong.

I sometimes wonder why she can be this positive when she can’t even see the world clearly. She almost died at birth. Born in the dirt, starved, flea ridden, and hot. She developed an eye infection just as her eyes were beginning to open and by time she was rescued and taken to the vet she was just hours from death.

It took months to bring her to good health and she has a few mild issues she’ll live with for life. But the serious thing was losing 50% (estimation) of her vision.

As far as we can tell she can perceive light and movement, but no details. She is attracted to bright colors and noises. She identifies things by going right up to them and sniffing and touching them. Sometimes she seems more dog like than cat. She doesn’t like to be picked up because it makes her lose her bearings. And she’s not much of a cuddler because she doesn’t always know what’s touching  her.

But she loves to hunt! This cat, man, she can hunt and catch a fly right out of the air. I think she tunes into and tracks the buzzing. It might take her half a day, but she’ll catch that fly! juju2

We named her Justice, you know, because Justice is blind. We call her Ju-Ju for short.

What I’m getting at here with this story is that my cat has taught me a lot about perseverance, loving life for the sake of loving life, and not letting your ‘weaknesses’ hold you back. Just get right in there and do it! Don’t be afraid!

Animals have more purpose than any of us realize. They’re not just here for the hell of it. They’re here to love, bring joy, comfort, and teach us…if we’ll just listen.  juju


3 thoughts on “Lessons From My Cat”

  1. Great post, Tamra! You’re right, we can learn a lot from cats 🙂 Type 1 is life-consuming, at least that’s what I’ve found since my grandson was diagnosed a year ago. We’re still going through the learning process, so thanks for this reminder to enjoy life!

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  2. Our furry friends are healing. I know I love my little Samantha and she don’t much mind me, sometimess. LOL

    This item has been referred to the TUDiabetes Blog page for the week of November 7, 2016


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