2016 FU

So many people are talking about how glad they are that this year is ending. Oh, how terrible it has been, how bad it has beaten us all down, and how wonderful it will be to kill it dead and move on to a, hopefully, better year.

What has made 2016 such a bad year?

The most horrible, racist, bigoted, idiot of a human being getting elected president of the United States. Might as well flush this nation down the toilet now.

Then there are the one after another deaths of great performers, authors, athletes, etc.. Why couldn’t more really bad people die? Why so many good ones?

Then there were all the natural disasters around the globe, as well as the ongoing wars and evil and tragedy that is always around.

Then, of course, each of us individuals had our own close to home heartaches. Family deaths, money troubles, relationship issues, job issues, health issues, and on and on and on.

There are no promises that 2017 will be any better. For me I’m sure it won’t be. My health is showing no signs of improvement.

All we can do is try. And that’s my point. The only way our year will be better is if we all try to change the bad things, try to improve our environment, our country, our world, and, of course, ourselves.

Stop whining and complaining and get off your ass and figure out what you can do to improve things…AND DO IT!

What do I plan to do to make my year better than last?

Find a way to bring in some income

Work on my health – exercise, get back on my healthy diet, stop neglecting my BG checks, keep working with my doctors to figure out issues and fix them, etc.

Work on my home and yard

Work on our issues with clashing personalities in the home

So far my list is only close to home stuff. But that’s where change begins.


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