Resolve For 2017

With each new year the majority of human beings decide to go the optimistic route and view the new year as an opportunity for new beginnings, or as an encouragement to improve themselves.

But most of us fail at new beginnings or improvements. Things go well for a few weeks at best, but then we fall back into our old ways. Unhealthy habits we sport a love/hate relationship with and can never seem to overcome.

We may not like it, but we are comfortable with it. It is familiar. Most of these bad habits are pacifiers for our stress and pains. And we just can’t seem to replace them with healthier pacifiers.

And we lack motivation to keep up with new healthy habits. I want to work out several days a week, but I just can’t find a good enough motivator to keep me going. Wanting to do it isn’t enough. Knowing the benefits of it isn’t enough. Screaming at myself to get off my ass just isn’t enough!

I want to eat healthy. I really, really want to eat healthy. I don’t keep any unhealthy food in my house. But…it’s just so much damn easier to go through a drive-thru on the way home from work. Everywhere we look there are ads for this or that unhealthy, heavenly delicious, this or that.

We only have so much will power. We can only resist for so long. We only have so much energy.

Is it better to just forego the resolutions and spare ourselves the disappointment?

I say no! I say make those resolutions! Give it your best shot! If you fail then get up and start again.

Not trying is the only true failure!

Make your resolution realistic. Keep it small and reachable. Do it in steps instead of all at once. Don’t expect miracles and instant results.

Just try your best.

And celebrate even the smallest of victories!

Panic! At The Disco: Victorious


One thought on “Resolve For 2017”

  1. My resolution is to end, (Insert A. hunger, B. poverty, C. war) or D. make it until 2018. Yes D. is the answer. I reasonable expectations.


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