Being Valued

It’s funny how you can be feeling one way for a while and even be convinced this bad feeling just might last forever. Then a perfect stranger comes into your path and changes everything with just one short conversation.

Today this happened to me.

I went in for my regular monthly B12 injection. When I was called in I made note that the regular nurse who does my shot was not there, a new nurse had taken her place.

This new nurse liked to talk.

“You are diabetic?”

“Yes, type I.”

She prepared the injection as we chatted.

“When were you diagnosed?”


“Oh, wow.” She responded while she injected the B12.

The injection was now done and I was ready to get up and go. I’m not much for chit-chat, and most nurses are very busy and rushed. But she kept talking.

“How is your diet? What do you eat and how do you prepare your food?”

I was a bit confused by her wanting to discuss my diabetes and diet, but I am always willing to talk to those who are truly curious and want to understand. I had a feeling she was one of these type and wasn’t being judgemental or anything negative.

“I try to stick to as low carb a diet as possible. I’m far from perfect, but I try.”

“What do you eat? Mostly vegetables?”

“A lot of veggies, and protein.”

“Protein, like meat? What kinds of meat?”

“A lot of chicken, and I like fish.”

“I ask because I was recently diagnosed with diabetes. I struggle so much with my diet.”

“It’s really tough. There’s a really good book called Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution. He teaches all about type 1 and type 2 diabetes and teaches how to eat low carb to control blood sugar.”

“Oh!” She seemed to take mental note of the book. “It’s really hard, I do good during the week, but when the weekend comes, gah!”

“Yeah, it’s difficult, but as long as you try and don’t give up, over time you’ll get used to it. It’s a lot of will power. Just keep trying.” I smiled.

The conversation came to an end and we went our separate ways. As I walked out of the building I thought of how good it feels to be valued for information and suggestions. I could have talked all day with her and given her a treasure trove of education and tips, but, alas, there’s never enough time.




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