Look to Change

My health is good right now. I have a couple of struggles still; keeping my blood sugars down, and my chronic sleepiness.  But most of all I need and want to lose weight!

I’m so huge right now.

I look in the mirror and feel nothing but disgust and shame.

My weight struggle started at puberty. I didn’t know it for many, many years but my doctor and I suspect I developed PCOS at the time I began my journey into womanhood. I was finally diagnosed in my mid thirties!

I’m pretty sure it was at puberty and the development of PCOS that my insulin resistance set in…it is a symptom of PCOS after all.

I also have hypothyroidism which slows down the metabolism and therefore causes easy weight gain and difficult weight-loss. I’m on meds, but they don’t help the weight issue.

I can go on and on finding health issues and other things to blame my obesity on. They aren’t lies, they really do make it too easy to gain and very difficult to lose. But it is also my own fault. I eat too many carbs and calories, and I don’t get enough exercise.

But things may change soon. You see, I have been unemployed for almost three years now. I have kept busy with projects and chores, etc. but living with no real schedule or responsibilities makes it very easy to be lazy, and to eat whenever and whatever, and however much you want.

I may be getting a job soon. If I do, this will be a full-time job. A career! I will have a set schedule which means I will be eating at set times, and active at set times. This, hopefully, will make it much easier for me to eat healthy and less, and loose some weight!

And my hubby is more than willing to do it with me. It always helps to have a partner.

Wish me luck at my interview! I really need and want this new career for so many reasons!


7 thoughts on “Look to Change”

  1. I understand your frustration with the weight! I too have diabetes and an under active thyroid, it’s tough. I wish you luck in your interview, hopefully the routine will help. I use the app “Lose It” to track my food and keep a better calorie and carb count, it may be helpful to you too!


    1. I have been reading up on other health care options, and thought you might be interested… “Since Shiatsu is working with the whole person, rather than simply focusing on conditions, most people, ill or healthy, and of all ages from babies to the elderly can potentially benefit from it. Shiatsu is extremely useful in enhancing health and vitality and many people use it as part of a stress management or preventative health care programme. Shiatsu is also excellent if you are feeling unwell but are suffering from no known medical condition. However, if you do have a medical condition for which you may or may not require orthodox medical treatment, shiatsu can still offer a support to your body. It may simply be stress reduction or relaxation, or just being more accepting of where you are at.”


  2. Hi. Thanks for following me. Please feel free to share comments. I think you have a lot that you could teach me. Your blog is fun to read, and full of knowledge as well. Great job!


  3. I hope the job happened, or another one appeared. I’ve spent many months and years without steady employment, which doesn’t help diabetes maintenance at all. It’s really hard to eat healthy when you may only have a very small budget for the full week versus the ability to splurge and get ‘just in case’ items for later. I have a part-time job now. Not consistent at all but it is with a grocery retailer, allowing me to have a small but important discount. I’m no longer depending on food that my family’s casted off or how I can make that $20 last two weeks by skimping by and eating empty calories.


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