Just Dance

What is your workout routine? I change mine up quite often, mostly because I get bored really, really easy. I’ve done aerobics, Pilates, yoga, walking, weightlifting, skating, belly dancing, and a mixture of a ton of different things all at once. I’ve used all kinds of tools such as video tapes, DVDs, trainers in person, gyms, home gym, online video’s, Xbox Fitness, and my own made up routines.

Recently my hubby brought home a new game for the Nintendo Switch called Just Dance 2017. Just dance has been around for a long time now, I’ve watched friends and family play it on occasion, but I never thought to play it myself because, quite frankly, I have two left feet… no coordination at all.



Well, since hubby brought it home and we now own it… I decided it’s OK to look like a fool in the privacy of my own home.

I tried it out.

I love it.

Now I am addicted and I play it everyday for as long as my body can handle it. I don’t play it like I’ve seen so many others play, only moving their arms because the sensors only read the handheld joysticks movement. No, I put my all into it, I actually try to dance correctly. I do this because for me it’s all about the physical exercise. I’m trying to get fit and healthy while having a ton of fun playing a game!

That’s what it’s all about, right?

I go for as long as I can, until my arms ache and the neuropathy in my legs is screaming at the top of it’s lungs (Ouch, pain). I go until my heart has been beating hard and fast for awhile and I’m so very tired now.

That’s only like 6 songs for me (maybe even less if I’ve chosen really high activity dances) because I’m so very out of shape.

But it is so much fun and keeps me moving with hardly even realizing I’m working out… because I’m having so much fun!

The basic point of the game is to learn and keep up with every step of the song in order to earn points for accuracy. There are tons of songs, most of them popular songs from known artists… not made up songs exclusive to the game.

See the links below for a look at what the game looks like, and for just a few awesome songs you can dance to on Just Dance 2017 (Unlimited Content).


Single Ladies

All About That Bass

Cotton Eye Joe


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