The stories of SupernaturaL

It doesn’t matter if you are a diehard fan, or have never seen an episode of Supernatural, you are in the right place.

This post is the beginning of a long and fantastic journey into the world of the show Supernatural. Here, you will find categories from characters to monsters to themes and so, so much more.

You want to know the story of Charlie? I got a list of episodes that tell her complete Supernatural story. Want to know the story of Vampires? I got a list for that. Wanna know the story of Baby? Yup, there is a list for Baby’s story, too.

You will not find a “Sam” or a “Dean” list here, though, because the show itself is their story. If you want to know Sam and/or Dean’s story you’ll need to watch every single episode of Supernatural. That is fifteen seasons, 320 episodes. That’ll only take you a couple months to binge.

One by one I will post my lists here so you can binge the stories within Supernatural that you love, or binge the stories you want to learn about.

Each list has been lovingly, excitedly, and carefully researched and put together to make a complete story. All, just for those who love, or want to love, Supernatural.

Read, watch, and enjoy!

Keep your eyes open for the first list. Coming very soon!

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