Duma’s Story

Duma is an Angel of the Lord who’s top priority is rebuilding heaven. She will go to just about any lengths to do just that. Understandably, she’s got a tenuous relationship with Castiel and the boys.

This list will play out Duma’s Supernatural story.

Duma is played by the talented Erica Cerra.

Season 13, Episode 7 – War of the Worlds

Season 13, Episode 13 – Devil’s Bargain

Season 13, Episode 18 – Bring ’em Back Alive

Season 13, Episode 19 – Funeralia

Season 14, Episode 8 – Byzantium

Season 14, Episode 18 – Absence

Season 14, Episode 19 – Jack in the Box

Season 14, Episode 20 – Moriah

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