Stephen King says to “Write what you know”. I know type 1 diabetes, so this is what I write about.

I have been type 1 since 1987. There are 6 type 1 diabetics in my family. I was one to never take care of myself; instead I chose to give in to the fear and anger and rebel with a passion. I was a very self-loathing individual because I viewed diabetes as an enemy that lived within me. It was like a demon that possessed me and I could never exorcise it.

All this life of anger and hatred got me was a whole lot of complications. I write about these as well. Diabetic retinopathy, peripheral neuropathy, heart disease, gastroparesis, frozen shoulder, PCOS…

I am on a journey to fix my health as best I can. And I am on a mission to connect with other diabetics like myself who need to know they are not alone in their anger, frustration, and struggles with diabetes.

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A blog about my life with multiple chronic illnesses… and some other things I like and do mixed in as well.

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