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I fully intend on continuing to write here, I’m just a bit burnt out on it for now.

In the meantime I have been making videos on YouTube regarding all the same stuff I write about here. I have a total of three videos posted as of this post.

Check them out if you like.

I have the videos set to 18+, so you will probably have to log in and/or “verify” your age.

The 13th Day Of…

How was your Friday the 13th? It’s 3:46PM on the 14th right now and I am still jittery, fog-brained, depressed, and feeling like emotional shit for everything that happened last night.

And I don’t even remember last night!

Let this be a lesson to all to keep close track of what/how much you ingest when you partake of mind-altering substances. Especially if you are crossfading.

What is crossfading? That is what we call it when we are both high as a kite and drunk as fuck.

Crossfade can be the most amazingly wonderful experience, which is why so many of us work to achieve it. But when done wrong – and it is super easy to do it wrong- it can be the most petrifying experience.

The latter is what happened to me last night.

So, how did I fuck up my crossfade? Well, it is really, really stupid, but we all know I don’t shy away from taking resposibility for my stupidity, so here goes.

It all started when someone packed the Hookah. Blue Mist shisha, mixed with this secret blend of herb. This friend makes this mix that tastes like chocolate, no one knows how they manage to make this flavor, but they do and it is yummy.

We smoke. I get a mild, pleasant high. We talk for awhile, life is good.

I get the munchies and remember I have a caesar salad waiting in the fridge. I go get it and someone says, hey, try these drops in your salad, they are lemon flavored so should mix well with your dressing. I am a bit anxious but go for it. I think two or three little drops were put in. I ate my salad and promptly forgot about those drops.

Roughly two hours go by and we get ready for our Zoom meeting with friends to play our own version of Drunk History; Drunk/High/Crossfade History. I prepare and start drinking some Diet Pepsi with a couple shots of Whiskey mixed in.

The evening progresses and I grab another drink. Now we are up to fourish shots of whiskey (probably more because I’m not measuring). At some point early in the Zoom I nomed on two sativa gummies, I love a head high more than a body.

Now, remember, the Hookah has long since worn off…or so I thought, and I have long since totally forgotten I ate those drops in my salad.

The Zoom is going on. I am thinking I’m being obnoxious and annoying to my friends. I send a few non-sensical texts out to friends.

The next thing I know I am sitting on my bed, shocked at the sudden change in location. Now I am sitting on the couch saying something about needing to pee but I don’t think I can stand up or walk. Hubby suddenly appears in front of me. I say something about drink and suddenly a bottle of water pops up in front of me. Just like magic.

Poof! Water.

The evening progresses with black outs intermixed with moments of magical appearances of Hubby and water, intermixed with moments of ugly crying, just wanting people to be happy, and I don’t want to go to the hospital, check my BG, maybe I need an IV fluids…

Not once during the entire night did I stop feeling a terrifically terrifying sense of terror. A couple times I think I hallucinated ghosts in the room with us.

At some point I pass out.

I wake up several times throughout the next 12 hours, still quite high/drunk. I did not get a traditional alcohol hangover, but I do definitely have a weed hangover. I feel OK, but then I feel a twinge of panic for no reason. I sometimes feel like my reality is altered and I am going crazy.

Drinking water, and waiting for it to wear off.