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Positively Inspirational

*This doesn’t have to do with Diabetes or anything medical but I decided to post it here anyway because it means something to me.*


I have been thinking about positively inspirational people a lot lately. There are those people in this world who live lives and have personalities that just radiate goodness. We look at these people and just know this is how we all should be, if everyone was like these people the world would be perfection.

It is both sad and wonderful to think that we need this kind of people to show us how it is supposed to be. Really, they make the world a better place and they guide us to aspire to be good. But how sad that we need that kind of guidance, how sad that we need to be taught and shown how to be good people.

We should all already be like them; it should come naturally.

What do I mean by ‘positively inspirational’?  I mean a person who is always doing kind things, who selflessly gives of their time, energy, money, knowledge, or however they can for the sole purpose of helping others to have a safer, happier, healthier life. A positively inspirational person will enter any area and by time they leave everyone they’ve encountered will be genuinely better off, even if it’s just that they are in a better mood. A positively inspirational person will leave everyone who meets them, or hears of their good works, wanting to do the same, wanting to better themselves, and wanting to help however they can.

I’m sure you can think of many people now and throughout history who fit this description.

Let’s use Misha Collins as an example. The man is a living breathing specimen of positive inspiration. He cannot smile without making the whole world smile with him. He cannot breathe without exhaling kindness. He once bumped into a woman and she was cured of depression.

OK, OK, I’m exaggerating…just a tiny bit.

But really, just look into his eyes and you can see our world in a whole different, much more caring light. He doesn’t just dream of a better world, he works toward it, and through his works and beautiful personality, he inspires it, positively inspires it.


His kindness, helpfulness, selflessness, and generosity are positively contagious. He is an inspiration to us all to be better people, to strive to stop the bad and bring more good.

What exactly is it that he does that is so inspiring? Well, besides his kind, happy, caring, and often comedic personality, he has taken his hopes, dreams, visions, and charitable values and expanded them beyond himself and into organizations called Random Acts -which inspires random acts of kindness around the world, both big and small-, and the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen (GISHWES) which works to bring people together to do crazy, awesome, artistic, kind, happy, and charitable things. And he often creates and/or involves himself in campaigns to raise money, awareness, or action for all kinds of needs and causes. One in particular would be his I Wish For This campaign to raise money and awareness for homeless mothers and children, specifically an organization called Lydia Place.

The man is amazing. He is truly a positive inspiration to this world. We all should aspire to be this good. It doesn’t have to take money, fame, or anything big to be a good person and do good in the world.

There are many inspirational people out there, but there should be more. I want to be one. I want to make the world a better place.