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What WAS That!?

What do you call that?! Really, what in Hell was that?! This year was like all apocalypse stories decided to band together and fuck some shit up!

Geez, I’m not even going to try to list the carnage that came out of 2020. It’d be like forcing a victim to relive their trauma.

The sad thing is that it’s not over. The pain and suffering will not suddenly end at the New Year, there is no finale and turn around into a brand new season. Our mental period markers mean nothing to time and nature; it will go on despite.

COVID-19 will still be here on January 1st. We will still have to deal with Trump and the America he broke into a million bits. There will still be natural disasters, terrorism, greed, and heartlessness in droves. Our beloved stars will still drop like flies.

We wish it could all just disappear at the expiration date, but no, it stays and festers and stinks up our brand new year.

Don’t worry, it’s not just all about the bad things. You may have forgotten, but good things do happen, too!

Like getting a new, better, president to come in with hope and help to begin to heal our weeping wounds. And the hope of a vaccine, and people growing hearts and beginning to care about each other.

Personal growth is all we have left at this point. If billions of people managed to grow on a personal level this year… sought out knowledge, worked to get in shape, got therapy, learned a new talent, healed old wounds and relationships, let go of trauma… if billions of individuals each managed to grow in some way this year, even a small way, then it was a much better year than we could have hoped for.

Pain, trial, being pushed to our limits in order to build strength. Life, nature, whatever you want to call it, is our biggest help and our biggest hinderance. From places we couldn’t imagine and in ways we can not control we are hit with complications to our life. Maybe we had grown too stagnate, got lazy and soft, too comfortable. Now we suddenly find ourselves being shaken up, we find ourselves having to find a new normal, new routines, new rules. We find ourselves looking in every direction for a break.

Can I rest now? Can I find one little thing to laugh about. One thing to smile at in all this rubble and explosion.

Tragedy after tragedy this year. And a whole lot of anger.

I saw relationships of all types end. I saw loved ones turn into enemies. I saw heartlessness where I thought I never would. I saw Evil’s ugly face, bare and brazen like never before.

I also saw great compassion, I saw people learn, I saw people find a motivation and passion they had never had before. I saw strangers stand up for strangers with nothing to gain but more love and respect.

Happy New Year, and even though we know it doesn’t work this way, here’s to hoping 2021 is better.