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I Don’t Pay For The Name

A few days ago I went online, which is how I always do it, and ordered my thyroid medication (I take an NDT) refill. Today, after work, I went to the pharmacy to pick it up.

The pharmacy tech scanned my one single prescription and when the price popped up I was like:

“$60, why so much? I’ve never paid more than $20.”

“It’s a 3 month supply.” The tech pointed out.

“I always get three months.”

“I can have it halved so you can pay less.”

“But what changed that it’s so much more?”

“Go ahead and have a seat and we’ll half it for you.” Then she promptly turned and walked away.


I sat down, wondering why I’m being charged so much more for the same prescription I’ve gotten for months…

15 or 20 minutes later the tech called me back up.

“OK, so the reason it costs more is because this is the brand name.”

“Why all of a sudden am I getting the brand name? I’ve always gotten the generic.”

“I don’t know, but this is the brand name so it’s more. If you want we can fill with generic but it won’t be ready until Thursday.”

“Is there a way I can make sure I never get brand and only get generic?”

“I don’t know…would you like us to fill the generic for this? It’ll be ready on Thursday.”

“I still have a few days worth left at home, so go ahead.”

“OK, we’ll see you on Thursday.” She said and then turned and walked away, again.

What a peach, that one.

I’ve heard of pharmacies doing this a lot. If they run low on one, they fill with the other and charge the higher price if that’s what they use. And they don’t even inform the patient until they pick it up and pay!

I need to figure out if there is a way to demand my pharmacy always fills my prescriptions with generic, put a note on my file or something. It’s the same damned medication, just cheaper! Why the hell would I want to pay more for nothing but a stupid name!